Order your tallit prayer shawl in custom colors, motifs, fabrics, and sizes

by galilee silks
Published: May 10, 2022 (2 weeks ago)
Kibbutz BeitHaemek, 25115, Israel

Are you desperately looking for a handmade tallit for your daily prayers? Explore our site at Galilee Silks, and get rid of your buying hassles. This distinctly styled tallit prayer shawl can be ordered in different fabrics, along with sizes, motifs, and colors. The buyers can also find their style statement with a similar design accompanying the tallit bag and Kippah, which can be further personalized with custom names. Such exquisitely designed tallit can be tailor-made for individuals in their intended fabric, size, pattern, and color. Feel free to reach us at www.galileesilks.com, or ask queries at1-800-414-4108