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Buy optimally functional KVM over IP extender network for constant signal transmits

    by Avex Tender
    Published: July 29, 2022 (3 weeks ago)
    New Taipei, Taiwan

    Find the simpler way to constantly transmit signals through either Unicast (point-to-point) or Multicast (one-to-many) mode through standard Gigabit TCP/IP-based Ethernet Switch using the KVM over IP extender network. This innovative technology helps to expand 4K multi-display videos, including the keyboard, mouse, audio, and USB signals, and also RS232 with dual-console operations assisting administrators to remotely access multiple PCs from a server located in a climate-controlled environment. This effective extender offers uninterrupted signal transmissions to distinct industries including medical, defense, healthcare, government, exigency allocation centers, and more.